RKC Sporthorses llc.

I highly recommend Ralea Casperson & RKC Sporthorses!

I met Ralea almost 4 years ago, the winter of 2013, when looking to get back into horses after a long illness. I am a lifelong horse person. After visiting several farms and watching multiple trainers give lessons, I found Ralea Casperson. She was still at Gulf Shore Equestrian Center at the time. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and a fabulous rider! She is also the most honest person I have met in my life, both personally and professionally especially in her assessment of horse & rider (I am on Medicare so you know I have been around).

I had decided to switch to dressage, so even as a lifelong horse person this was new. I no longer had a horse of my own. I was using one of her horses and asked to try a horse she had for sale. I actually had to ask her. She never tried to sell me the horse. Valkyrie was bred, raised and trained by Ralea. Well, I fell for Valkyrie and purchased her in the spring of 2014. She was 4 years old.

I spent last winter working with Ralea. We just got back this fall and I will spend the next 6 months with her in training. She has done a fantastic job getting her new farm in shape, great footing and brand new mirrors as well. I miss her when we return north during the summer! Her farm is the winter destination for both my horse & I.

We are much more than just client & trainer now, we are great friends. I trust her implicitly!! She is helping me live my dream! After just arriving back the end of October, in Valkyrie’s first dressage show ever she got a blue ribbon! Let’s hope there are lots more in the years to come!

Julia Skelley