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As a teacher and trainer my job is to assess each rider and horse as individuals,
based on their goals, body types, breed, level of confidence and physical ability. I believe in teaching correct fundamentals and quality gaits before movements.  I teach classical based riding and develop riders understanding of the training scale. I focus more on the riders understanding of their body and how it communicates to the horse, instead of just focusing on the horse’s issues. I work on developing clear and proper seat and rider aids to create the ultimate partnership with your horse. The horse can only be as good as the rider and a rider can only develop on an educated horse. I will work with you to develop a proper plan for you and your horse with realistic goals in mind.”

 Ralea Casperson is a Grand Prix level Dressage trainer and instructor. Her personal goal is to be selected for the US Olympic team one day. She works with multiple Olympic trainers in order to continually advance her skill and knowledge as both a rider and trainer. She trains and develops young horses all the way to the show ring. Ralea works to build a quality relationship between owners and young horses, stallions and problem horses as well as non–dressage bred horses. She works on cross training and developing the mind in order to develop quality dressage horses that are safe for amateur owners and well prepared for either show or sale. Ralea is an extremely versatile trainer having spent years training at large breeding barns starting 30 or more young horses per year to prepare them for Western or English Pleasure, Halter, Reining or Barrel Racing, jumping and Dressage.

No matter your discipline she can help you and your horse become a better team.  She has done a lot of work with jumpers and eventers to help them in their flatwork and help them with control and relaxation over jumps. This diversity has given both horses and riders. She assesses each horse as an individual and creates an effective plan for that particular horse and rider rather than simply applying a single set of rules to all. She is known for her ability to take horses with serious problems and turn them into happy, well minded and quality performance horses.

Ralea has received her USDF Bronze medal and almost finish with the silver. She has earned her scores only on horses she has brought up and developed on her on through the levels. Most on the non- traditional Dressage horses. She believes any horse can be a quality Dressage horse with patience and her the understanding and open mind required to solve many problems with correct training by teaching them to develop better gaits.

Lessons may include but are not limited to:  Riding, long-lining, in- hand work, lunging of horse and/or rider.
Ralea is also a JRD Authorized Saddle Fitter and ConsultantType your paragraph here.

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